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  • Danna Gibson interviews Stephen Aiguier Project
  • Interview with OSF Donors The Mraz’s
  • Interview with Linda Granim
  • 3721 Old Highway 99 South, Ashland Oregon

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New York Times Homebuilder Optimism

Are you thinking about home building?  The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder released on Monday the housing market index rose to 64 points.  The last time the index was this high was in 2005.  Our housing market is stronger than ever, and this article is a great indication of this.  Read below the New York Times article on the positive effect on homebuilders for the US economy....

Mortgage Market Update- FHA Announces Changes to Mortgage Insurance Premiums

FHA ………..Why the popularity? Higher loan limits, lower home prices, low down payment and lenient underwriting requirements have made these government-insured loans a more secure opportunity for homeowners to obtain high loan to value mortgage financing. Here are seven things to know about getting an FHA loan today: Required down payment is only 3.5% of the loan. 100% of the down payments can be gifted from approved sources such as family or employers. FHA typically offers better interest rates than are offered on conventional financing. Newly reduced MI premiums. Borrowers are not required to have reserves…”a rainy day fund” to qualify for FHA. Less than perfect credit is allowed....

Kate Brown Visits Ashland Rotary Club

Danna and I were excited to meet and hear Kate Brown, Secretary of State speak to day at the Ashland Rotary Club.  Kate stated that Forbes Magazine named Oregon as #12 in the US for being business friendly.  Oregon is also #3 in the country for number of patents filed.  Her emphasis was how she can help Oregon grow and put people back to work.  Danna and I are most excited about the Business Express Website, a one stop business portal with all of the tools one needs in order to start a new business or help grow and thrive an existing business.  They have won 2 national awards for this...

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